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The graph shows your sports progress on Strava over time.

Using the options above the graph you choose the data you want to display. You can select a measure (like distance, speed, calories) and the grouping (by month, by hour on which the activity started, ...).
You can also select which activities should be used to populate the graph: only activities with specific gear, exclude commute activities etc.
.For example, if you want to see in which month you have the activity with the highest speed you select 'max', 'speed' en 'month'

In the graph you will see a line for each year in which you created activities on Strava. Click on a point in the graph to show the activities for that period.

  • Time is measured in hours, e.g. 1 hour and 15 minutes is 1.25.
  • Some combinations are prohibited, such as 'Total' and 'Speed'.
  • speed is the average speed for an activity. This means that 'max' 'speed' will plot the highest average speed for an activity.
  • Selecting 'count' will show the number of activities where the selected measure is recorded. For instance, if you do not record cadence, the graph will show all zero's for 'cadence'.
  • uses Google Charts to generate the graph and the Strava API to retrieve your activity details.en de Strava API om je activiteiten te lezen.
  • In order to use the graph you need to authorise to access your data on Under no circumstance will share your information with others. Read our complete privacy policy here.